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GL-F17 Covert Voice Recorder
13 Hours Keyfob Voice Activated Recorder W/Built-in 2GB Flash
GL-F17 Covert Voice Recorder

•Innovated voice activated and continuous recording
•Convenient playback functionality
•Built-in AGC MIC, used in conference room
•Keyfob design for covert mission
•Vibration alert
•LED status signal
•Long hours of recording time and battery life
•MP3 file format
•Instant audio file playback and deletion
•Can be used as a MP3 player
•Built-in 2GB storage
•Micro-USB connection
•Memory: 2GB
•Recording Time: 10hrs
•Recording Format: MP3
•Battery: Internal Rechargeable (via USB)
•Battery Indicator: LED
•Recording Battery Life: 10hrs
•Battery Consumption: 50hrs (standby)
•Battery Consumption: 24hrs (playback)
Dimensions: 3” L x 1.25” W x 0.563” H
Weight: 0lb 2oz
Included with this item
•USB Cable

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